Until 2003, no foreigner would consider visiting Copenhagen to eat well but what was previously a culinary no-man's land is today a must visit city for any foodie. Curated by Rasmus Palsgård.
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Portugal's iconic dishes, historical recipes, and bountiful natural ingredients are the subject of renewed focus, and at the centre of it all lies beautiful Lisbon. Curated by Miguel Andrade.
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the newfie and his crab boil

The story of a Newfoundland-style crab boil on the eastern tip of the North American continent. Follow Per Meurling's encounter with one of Canada's most genuine and terroir-driven chefs.

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In the Norwegian capital fine-dining, in the traditional sense of the word, is practically extinct. Instead, the neighbourhood restaurant has never been hotter. Curated by Anders Husa.
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Young, dynamic chefs are returning to Polish traditions and remastering long-forgotten dishes, transforming Warsaw into a hive of culinary innovation. Curated by Olga Badowska.
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Meatballs and smorgasbords have both been swept away by Stockholm's international culinary scene which is pushing "farm-to-table" dining to a whole new level. Curated by Niki Jennische.
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Daniel Berlin

a summer tradition

Österlen flavors and the ability to maximize comfort in a fine-dining context. The story of one of Sweden's greatest fine-dining restaurants told by Per Meurling.

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Niko Romito

There will be Cacio e Pepe

The quest for the best "Cacio e Pepe" and Italian simplicity unearths a surprising added ingredient with a happy pasta ending told by Per Meurling.

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