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food art anarchy at its finest

“Ladies and gents, this is a funeral. We’re putting meat to the grave for the next four hours, so please be quiet and follow us.” Standing outside the park of pavillons erected for the 1873 Worl

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There’s never been a better time for dining in Tokyo, a staggering megalopolis with nearly 200,000 restaurants to serve the 9.2 million souls inside the city's central wards. Curated by Melinda Joe
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Humble flames from the North

The unique restaurant experience in Stockholm's city centre where all food is cooked over open fire pits. By Per Meurling

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Hong Kong

In Hong Kong's 25,000 restaurants you can take your pick from every single global cuisine imaginable. The challenge is simply knowing where to start. Curated by Chris Dwyer.
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Meatballs and smorgasbords have both been swept away by Stockholm's international culinary scene which is pushing "farm-to-table" dining to a whole new level. Curated by Niki Jennische.
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Glenmorangie House

the calling of the Scottish Highlands

A short stint in the Scottish Highlands turns into a culinary dream come true for author Per Meurling - endless amounts of whisky and the finest Haggis of the country included.

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It took a while for Czech people to re-embrace their native foods after the end of communism but in the past ten years, grandma's cooking has become cool again. Curated by Taste of Prague.
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NOMA 2.0

The age of vegetables

Vegetable season at the world's most famous fine dining restaurant. A story of mould tacos, bee larvae and the simplest petits fours ever served.

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