Daniel Berlin

a summer tradition

Österlen flavors and the ability to maximize comfort in a fine-dining context. The story of one of Sweden's greatest fine-dining restaurants told by Per Meurling.

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Niko Romito

There will be Cacio e Pepe

The quest for the best "Cacio e Pepe" and Italian simplicity unearths a surprising added ingredient with a happy pasta ending told by Per Meurling.

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The Presidential

Next stop Duoro Valley

A magnificent 18th century railway beast takes author Per Meurling on a exhilarating journey through Portuguese food and drink

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Hong Kong

In Hong Kong's 25,000 restaurants you can take your pick from every single global cuisine imaginable. The challenge is simply knowing where to start. Curated by Chris Dwyer.
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In the Norwegian capital fine-dining, in the traditional sense of the word, is practically extinct. Instead, the neighbourhood restaurant has never been hotter. Curated by Anders Husa.
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Young, dynamic chefs are returning to Polish traditions and remastering long-forgotten dishes, transforming Warsaw into a hive of culinary innovation. Curated by Olga Badowska.
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A path defining dinner

From student flats and fish pies to razor clams served on horseradish ice. A food experience that instilled a new sense of purpose told by Per Meurling.

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Berlin's lavish hedonism has given way to a trailblazing restaurant scene awash with international influences which celebrate the city's diverse culinary history. Curated by Per Meurling.
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